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Balneo Toscia

Vintage style Anis cast iron bathtub with legs

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Inspired by the luxury and exclusivity of vintage-style bathrooms, our Anis cast iron freestanding bathtub offers unique elegance and refinement. The exclusive enamel provides a smooth texture to the touch and a timeless appearance that is sure to wow any consumer. The perfect combination of luxury with elegance, making it a jewel in the bathroom.

Vintage style bathtub of the best quality. Enamelled in 2 mm titanium, a wide variety of colors, cast iron feet with many finishes available.

Available measures:

  • Ref 1030 : cm 137x76 - 99 Kg - 175 L
  • Ref 1050 : cm 154x77 - 117 Kg - 200 L
  • Ref 1070 : cm 170x77 - 131 Kg - 225 L

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Feet included in the price

Product with 25 year guarantee.