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Balneo Toscia

Vintage style antique cast iron bathtub

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Vintage-style enameled cast iron bathtub without legs, 170x 68cm, with different exterior finishes.

Cast iron is recyclable, it is an ecological option.

Enamelled cast iron bathtubs offer high resistance to bacterial proliferation

Cast iron absorbs all the noise from the water and the bathroom

Enameled cast iron has characteristics of inalterability, durability, and great resistance to fire, impacts, and chemical products.

They are non-deformable.

Natural mold characteristics offer high thermal retention

Enamel is a dense, non-porous material.

Easy maintenance and cleaning.

The material has a life cycle of more than 100 years

Handcrafted, they combine flexibility and durability for maximum wearing pleasure.

Bathtub of high quality material, made with first choice materials and components, finished with care and precision.

For any information, finishes or customization of the bathtub, contact us at

Product with 25 years guarantee.