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Vintage Style True Colors Lite Medium Countertop Sink

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NEW!This new series, inspired by the original True Colors collection, is made up of sinks, toilets, urinals and bidets characterized by a completely new design that embodies the perfect mix of classic and contemporary. The new sinks, compared to the original True Colors series, you can now have countertop faucets and come in 7 different shapes and sizes.
A truly limitless choice of customization for the bathroom!

You can choose the faucets and accessories that complete and match the style of your desired washbasin (or bidet), all of which are available in 18 different metallic finishes.


L60cm x P40cm x H18,5cm


In addition, the sinks can come with or without support. You can opt for the 100% ceramic pedestal or the beautiful legs that can also be decorated in the same color as the sink.

You can choose the interior and exterior colors of the sinks, toilets, urinals and bidets with about 30 different matt or glossy paints: white, black, lemon yellow, pastel pink, forest green, wine red, cocoa brown... A true limitless choice of customization for the bathroom of your dreams!

For any color combination, contact us at