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madero atelier

Protective tablecloth cover Mat for Madero Atelier sink cabinet

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Mat, a new decorative element for washbasins and cover protector,

Oval in shape placed between the top and the countertop sink. As if it were a tablecloth, MAT is an element that can be made in any of the 5 new Maderó lacquers, in the Solid compact finishes or in any of the available marble or porcelain versions. Combine finishes and colors to create a unique solution

Decorative tablecloth and cover protector includes drain hole and faucet hole, by default the holes will be located as shown in the photographs.

Possibility of manufacturing in solid compacmat (e.1.2cm), lacquered board (e.1.9cm), natural marble (e.2cm) and porcelain (e.1.2cm).

The Mat can be placed on the right or left (3cm from the side), or centered on the sink (not in a composition). The sink can be placed at established distances: to the right, to the left or centered on the Mat.
Wall or corner tap position (right or left; see image and table).

Only suitable for selected basins: Capsule , Aire , Aqua , Slim S and Geo.

NOTE: Painted finishes require special care and are more sensitive to scratching than other materials.

For any other marble or porcelain finish, contact us at