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  • LUZ INTERIOR Opción luz interior con sensores de apertura de luz y difusor en los costados interiores.
  • Opción de luz integrada en cornisa adaptada a las medidas del camerino.
  • Bisagra en gris antracita con cierre amortiguado y apertura 110º
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Bathroom dressing room with Masai mirror

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Due to its delicate finish, due to its possibilities in measurements, we present you the new version of the MASAI DRESSING ROOM MIRROR with a version of two or three doors in measures of 60/80 (2 doors) and 100 cm (3 doors) in which aspects of functionality and aesthetics. Thus, you can choose between the options of:

  • inner light. With light opening sensors and diffuser on the inner sides.
  • Cornice with upper light
  • bottom light
  • Possibility of 3mm trim sides lacquered in the desired tone

In addition, the MASAI dressing room mirror offers a particularity that is very practical: interior mirrors .

When opening the wardrobe, we continue to enjoy the same effects that the mirrors reinforced with the interior light cause in the event that we opt for this option. And, now it incorporates new hinges in a titanium finish, in tune with the colors of the interior.


L 60/80 (2 doors)/100 (3 doors) cm x H 85 cm x D 12.5 mm

Two-sided laminated mirror doors.
Anthracite gray hinge with soft closing and 110º opening to have rear reflection.
Anthracite Gray interior.
Adjustable shelves in Anthracite gray lacquered aluminium.


  • inner light. (4,000ok) 5w

    With opening sensors and diffuser on the inner sides.

  • Lower light (4,000ok) 5w

    with motion sensors

  •  Cornice with top light (4,000ok) 15w. Anthracite gray (D:18cm H:16mm)

  • Possibility of 3mm lacquered trim sides in the desired tone (extra cost of €83, ask for color and light options at